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Lifeforce Energie Awakening Process

Oh how we humans like to be in our heads. We often think way too difficult, we want answers to everything. We prefer to have solutions to our problems as quickly as possible, often go for a quick fix and look for healing outside ourselves. But what if I told you that you can already do this yourself. That you are already whole. All that is asked of you during a session is to relax and dare to surrender to the process with the curiosity of a child.

LEAP or Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process is a transmission of your own life energy. A powerful, creative energy that we all have within us. You see this most in children, they are on and feel the joy of life. Due to all the conditioning in our lives, we lose connection with this more and more. LEAP, as it were, peels those conditionings off of you and therefore felt like coming home to me. The first time I felt the energy flowing I was very impressed. It felt so loving and good. The beauty of LEAP is that it is effortless, unlike breathwork, tantra, kundalini yoga, chi-gong, etc. LEAP is the path of surrender and the energy is so intelligent that you will always receive what you can handle.

Upcoming sessions:

zondag 11 mei

LEAP open class


Alma Matter

Salema eco camp


dinsdag 14 mei

LEAP open class






LEAP open class

Ellermanstraat 16Q


exact date coming up

21, 22 en 23 juni


Ayuna festimony

camping Energy up




assisting the Leap training

exact date and location coming up



Most common benefits of LEAP

  • more mental clarity and calm 

  • release and relief from stress and tension in your body 

  • emotional release and overcoming traumatic experiences 

  • increase in overall energy and vitality 

  • expanded mind-body and energy awareness 

  • understanding and letting go of limiting beliefs 

  • peeling off the conditioned layers  

  • more confidence, resilience and authenticity 

  • more connected to your intuition 

  • remembrance and greater alignment with your true self and purpose 

  • improved creativity and productivity 

  • shift to a more conscious life 

  • more spiritually awakened and the experience of non-dual consciousness 

  • states of deep bliss, harmony, joy and contentment

What to expect

During the session you lie on your back on a yoga mat with your eyes closed. All you have to do is open up to receive. Music is played to support the process. You may see images with your inner eye, you may feel hot or cold, you may feel emotions  and/or your body may start to move. This can range from light jerks to getting up and dancing. Everyone has their own process and will therefore react differently. There is nothing right or wrong in that. You get what you can wear and I'll make sure you can do this in a safe setting.

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