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About me

Your accredited professional dance coach and LEAP facilitator


For as long as I can remember I wanted to make the world a little brighter. I did this with dance/performing and teaching dance. Today I help people reconnect with their inner light through dance coaching and LEAP. I feel very strongly that together we can transform into a new world in which people, animals and everything that lives can live together in deep connection. I am happy to support you in this process.


When I was 3 years old I started taking dance lessons, and from that moment on I knew that this would be my profession. After my studies at the art school in Amsterdam, I danced professionally and gave dance lessons internationally for many years. A great time that I look back on with great pleasure. During my dance lessons, students often came to me with their stories and asked for advice. I got older, stopped performing and became a mother of two beautiful children. A role that also involves a lot of coaching. But in the transition to mother, my passion for dance disappeared more and more and it went from a big burning fire to a pilot light. I felt that I could and wanted more and that I had to follow my heart on a new path. I took a voice acting course and started a new career as a voice over and voice actress. Great fun work to do! On my search for more I came into contact with dance coaching and LEAP. And that's where my worlds came together. Dance coaching brought the soft and emotional side back to me. And through the action of LEAP my life energy was activated. It brought me greater awareness, more peace and overview.

Dear Petra

Graduated dance teacher, LEAP facilitator and recognized dance coach

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