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You are already whole. As a bodyworker I support you to peel off conditioning and get back in touch with your true self. Through dance, movement, music and energy work I help you to get out of your head, into your body and to stand in your power. This is how you find the answers within yourself. Because your body never lies.


What cliëns say

I was very curious about what a dance coaching session would do for me. Could I easily step over inhibitions? I danced alone and that seemed pretty exciting to me. Would I feel free to move? What would it do emotionally? Before the session I was a little tense and uneasy. My experience while dancing was that I became more and more relaxed and could let go of someone looking at me. This allowed me to better get to my feeling that the music and movement evoked. I felt very safe while dancing because of Petra's comments. I liked the structure of the session. Get used to it first and then alone. First move freely and then dance with more variation in the movements as a result of the observation. I liked the expertise of the dance coach. She offered great security and discussed what she saw very clearly from observation and respect. After the session I felt lighter and relieved because I could get to my emotions that usually don't show quickly. I experienced the session as a gift and would definitely recommend a session with Petra!

retired was deputy principal at an elementary school

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